Swan Vestas

The S.Vestas were Flynt and Ember, a duo of fire dancers who used hot costumes, dance and theatrics to bring their audiances breathtaking displays of daring and beauty. They showcased their outstanding fire spinning skills during several elegantly dangerous rutines using a veriety of fire tools including staff, poi, ropes and fire eating torches. The girls also used toys like fire umbrella, smoke gun and painted their skin with flaming torches.

Flynt and Ember are extreme performance artists who specialized in fire. They flirted with flames during their pyromaniac rituals across Canada and the States at a long list of events including the Winnipeg Folk and Fringe Festivals, White Horse's Longest Days Festival, Ottawa en Lumier, the Montreal Fetish Weekend and the Buffalo Infringement festival where they and their audiences of all ages gazed into the mystical and hypnotic powers of the most dangerous of the elements.

As well as performing, the girls taught circus workishops spawning several circus communities around the country.

Alexis Williams

S. Vestas

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Svestas 2007 Fire demo

fire at the 2007 Montreal Fringe Festival


SVestas 2006 Fire Demo

The SVestas at the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2005


Tabula Rasa and the SVestas at Carnavale Carmagnole 2005