Ember worked as a circus performer from 2004 to 2008 speicializing in poi spinning and fire dance.

She ate fire, played with smoke, spun dart, ropes and all sorts of props.

She enjoyed coreographing and writing shows, creating costumes and sets, as well as the administrative side of the busness.

She travelled across Canada and the States performing at music, art, theatre and street festivals.

Alexis Williams


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mystic myron

Mystic Myron In Flow


Video application for Mystic Myron's In Flow festival scholarship.

Myron is a star hooper in Ottawa.

Circus Music Mix


Here's a mix for my circus peeps, The beginig is a bit silly, you can skip forward to where it getrs dubbier and awesomer.

Lots of these are tracks I've performed to or would perform to if I was still performing.



Solo Performance

Ember Erebus, formerly of Montreal's Swan Vestas, back from the dead, performed this solo demonstration of the magical collision between tribal ritual and meditation ...

Circus Alchemy


Circus Alchemy, a Toronto spectacle and animation troop founded by Ember Erebus and 6 other fantastic circus performers brought together by fire and their enthusiasm for dance, prop manipulation and being the center of attention. The group consists of clowns, stilt walkers, hoola hoopers, aerialists, burlesque dancers, fire breathers, poi...

Swan Vestas


The S.Vestas were Flynt and Ember, a duo of fire dancers who used hot costumes, dance and theatrics to bring their audiances breathtaking displays of daring and beauty. They showcased their outstanding fire spinning skills during several elegantly dangerouse rutines using a veriety of fire tools including staff, poi, ropes and fire eating torches. The girls also used toys like fire umbrella, smoke gun and painted their skin with flaming ...