Mycophilia has seeped from my life and dreams and colonized my art. I often meet strangers who already refer to me as the mushroom girl.

Alexis Williams


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Earth Star Constellations

2012 ongoing

wild mushrooms, pins, thread



Mushroom Moon

David Attenborough Video Haiku 32 & 33


Video Haiku made by remixing David Attenborough's natural history films.


Dharma; Everything Survives by Going Round in Circles


This set of digital prints and hand written mantras makes a poem that lovingly describes mycology. Half of the images are digitally manipulated macro field photographs transformed into fantasy organisms. The other half are a set of meditational mandalas made with repeated handwritten lines of poetry written in ink made entirely from wild mushrooms.

artist Conks

Artist Conks


The Artist conk, Ganoderma applanatum, is a medicinal polipore mushroom whose spore surface permanently changes color when touched imediately after harvest, so it is possible to draw on them with any tool.

Ember's Mushrooms

2011 ongoing

Time lapse and real time video observations of wild mushroom growth.

Phone Books to Mushrooms


Discarded phone books were pasteurized and used as a substrate to grow gourmet, medicinal and glow in the dark mushrooms. The books were used as bricks to build living sculptures in community gardens and music festivals that provided food for the communities they served.

Originally commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery, the project won several grants including the Om Reunion Project Art Grant, The Ottawa Awesome Foundation Grant and The Mechatronic Award for Innovative Excellence.




These wild mushroom spore samples were taken carefully to preserve the shape of the mushrooms, a method traditionally used in species identification and cultivation. I collect hundreds of wild mushrooms every day to use in my spore prints on glass.  My favorites are large scale multi-layered pieces, which are impossible to photograph because they are reflective. These images are scans of prints small enough to fit on the scanner bed. This project lead me to learn to cut and solder glass, a technique I will continue to experiment with this summer.


The Mushroom Diaries

2008 - 2012

Hopefully, sharing the passion and adventures that come with wild mushroom foraging, will encourage others to indulge in their own passions.


Guided Mushroom Walks

Guided walks in Montreal forests aimed at artists to use mushrooms as a source of inspiration and pigment for dyes and drawing. Will be posted again in the Fall.