Biological spores on glass

These wild mushrooms spore samples were taken carefully to preserve the shape of the mushrooms' gills, a method traditionally used to help identify species. Despite being safely fixed between glass the samples are live and could be used to create new organisms.
The mushroom are of a wide variety, including edible, poisonous and hallucinogenic specimens collected by the artist who's obsessive mycophilia is the driving force behind this prolific project. The prints are designed to be hung in
windows where they change color according to the light, or on walls where they can cast shadows. Many of these
mycographic pieces are made up of many smaller prints or are too large to document, what is shown here is a sample of small pieces intended to be sold and hung on walls.


Alexis Williams


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owl mask

Owl Mask

Digitally manipulated mushroom spores on rag paper

22 x 30 inches